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The Gist 

The Freecycle Network is an entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. We thought if you can do this at home, why not do something similar in the office? Hence, Freecyle@NASA was born. In a nutshell, it's a way for all of us here at work to find new homes for office supplies that we no longer want or use. Simple, right?

Of course, you knew there had to be a few rules. So, here they are. But, we promise, they won't put you to sleep, so read on!


The Rules
  • Please only list items from work to be used at work. NASA is being really cool to let us use this for work purposes, so please, office items only. And not to get too legal on you, but you should know postings are for official government use only. If you want to unload your old 8-track player or that afghan from Aunt Gertie, check out the Freecycle Network for home. And, along those same lines, items must stay at work. We love the Boy Scouts and your local elementary school too, but no sharing with them. Keep in mind, this site does have moderators and we ARE watching what you post. 
  • Remove all sensitive information. Okay, this one should be pretty obvious, but just to be clear. Do not Freecycle anything containing personally identifiable information (PII) or potentially sensitive information. So, remove the government credit card statements, contractor quotes or statements, personnel forms, performance records etc. before giving away your old binder. Please don't share rewritable CDs or portable drives you used to store any PII or sensitive information. Capisce?
  • DO sweat the small stuff. Freecycle@NASA is really about the small stuff, like pencils, notebooks, whiteboards, etc. Feel free to peruse the whole list of appropriate items.
  • No postings of equipment. These are big ticket items. They usually have a silver decal with a barcode and some indication that the item is the property of the U.S. Government or some company (see below), and are often computers, printers, scientific equipment... you get the idea. If you have a piece of equipment, with or without a tag, please check with your property custodian as we don't want to get anyone in trouble, most notably ourselves. Or, you can talk to our good friends in Supply and Equipment Management. Tell them Freecycle@NASA sent you and we know they'll treat you right.
    NASA tag with barcode and meatball  ODIN tag
    No equipment, such as items with these types of barcodes, please.

  • No naughty language or otherwise inappropriate postings. You know what we mean by this, so don't make us spell it out. Play nice and we'll all get along just fine. Did we mention our moderators? They are watchiiinnng yooouuu.

Hey, enough of this blither-blather, you're thinking. How do I sign up already?


Try It for Yourself

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Have questions? Talk to us!

We're good people, or so we've been told. If you have a question about anything related to Freecycle@NASA, you can email, call, fax, walk over and see us, or even send a message by carrier pigeon. Okay, maybe not really for the last one. But, we're approachable, so approach us!

Freecycle@NASA Program Lead

Goddard Space Flight Center Environmental Team/Code 250
Janine Pollack

Ames Research Center
Damon Ried

Armstrong Flight Research Center
Angelica Jackson

Glenn Research Center
David Smith

Goddard Space Flight Center
Janine Pollack

NASA Headquarters
Peral Hill
Jennifer Flavin

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ada Chan

Johnson Space Center
Rebecca Botello

Kennedy Space Center
Peggy Parrish

Langley Research Center
Ingrid Carlberg

Marshall Space Flight Center
Malene Mcelroy

Stennis Space Center
Marcia Stewart

Wallops Flight Facility
Marianne Simko

White Sands Test Facility
Stephanie Portillo